BOARD MEETING – May 15, 2013 – 6:30 pm
at St. Mark’s Church, 431 Richmond NE

(Approved at 06.19.13 Board Meeting)
Board Members Attending: Barry Simon, Laurie Moye, Carla Kugler, Carol Morris, Bill
Hoch, Mark Hyland, Maggie Peterson
Board Members Absent: Larry Seebinger
Other Neighborhood Association Members Attending: Trish Wagner, Jim & Sylvia
Krumhansl, Eve Sandoval, Kristin Oreskovich, Scott Slezak, Bill Moye
Invited Guests: David Flores, Parks & Recreation; Lt. Romero, Animal Welfare

1) The meeting was called to order at 6:35 pm.

2) Hidden Park Committee
Trish Wagner described the background and work the Hidden Park Committee has
done, stressing the good relationship the committee has established with Diana Solano of
Parks & Rec and the Committee’s desire to have the park safe and accessible for all
members of the public. The park is presently inaccessible for people with disabilities and
attracts many off-leash dogs. She noted that there is an established body of research in
classroom and also (probably) environmental design, and asked what could happen in
Hidden Park to make it ADA accessible and encourage more responsible behavior
regarding off-leash dogs. Leash laws are not currently enforced. What creative problem solving can the committee do to bring the community together?
Eve Sandoval expressed concern that a path around the perimeter of the park close to
people’s backyard fences would intrude on their privacy.
Jim Krumhansl noted that some people like the wide-open space in the park. Sylvia
Krumhansl said that we don’t want to alienate people, and that drug dealing, thefts, and
break-ins have occurred in the past when the park isn’t being used. She also noted that
we don’t want to encourage people to stay overnight in the park.
Lt. Romero noted that dog bites are a common occurrence with off-leash dogs.
David Flores said that he’d been working for the City of Albuquerque for 15 years, and
that there are unsanctioned dog parks elsewhere in the City. There should be reasonable
setbacks for walkways around the park so that they’re not near backyards. It’s nice to
have an English-common type of park, which is very uncommon in Albuquerque.
It is possible to encourage people to gather together through structures such as plazas, 2
gazebos, and playgrounds. The goal is to bring people into the park and keep them there,
as that’s the best deterrent to vandalism and crime. Regarding off-leash dogs, it’s
difficult to change behavior – signs may help with that – but no amount of pathways or
structures will completely stop them. More people using the park will encourage proper
behavior. He recommended considering a playground, and keeping the “cathedral” feel
of the park – long, tall and quiet. As far as making changes, it’s best to start slowly and
familiarize people with rules, regulations and the right phone numbers to call.
Lt. Romero said that having activity in the park and calling Animal Control would deter
people from letting their dogs run off-leash. He acknowledged that 311 response time
is not always good.
David Flores noted that Roosevelt Park was an unfenced dog park that worked well, but
that it was a very large park. He said the Parks Dept. doesn’t have any money for the
next couple of years, but that we should make our City Councilor aware of problems and
issues, as she will be getting about $400,000 for her district within the next few months.
He said it might be possible to put bronze signage at park entrances saying that you’ve
now entered the park and a certain level of respect is expected. Finally, he said Parks &
Rec. would develop some free design ideas for the park, which will be presented at our
next Board Meeting on June 19.
Trish Wagner said that she would follow up on her earlier letter to our City Councilor,
Janice Arnold-Jones, and meet with her about the park.
Lt. Romero said we shouldn’t hesitate to call 311, and that Animal Control would do
random visits.
Barry Simon noted that we’re moving toward a more public use of the park.

3) Minutes
Minutes of the April 17, 2013 Board Meeting were reviewed and unanimously

4) Treasurer’s Report
Carla Kugler noted that, since the last meeting, we’ve had 5 renewals and 2 new
members join. We now have 118 households in our N.A. and $1,327 in the bank.

5) Old Business
a) Movie-in-the-Park
Barry Simon said he had one other committee member for this event, and that
they would meet soon to choose a movie.
b) Block Representatives
Carla Kugler will do a Pilot Project and send everyone on her block a form letter
stating that she is the Block Rep, what Block Reps do, providing her contact
information and requesting that everyone provide her with their contact
Laurie Moye noted that we shouldn’t overthink something that seems suspicious
in our neighborhoods, and that the best thing to do is call 242-COPS right away.
c) Open Board Seat
Since Dan Drennan is moving to Washington for a new job, Maggie Peterson will
contact him and request that he send a resignation letter so that the Board can
begin the search for his replacement.

6) New Business
a) Secretary’s Absences
Maggie Peterson noted that she would be away several times during the rest of
the year, and needs a replacement while she is gone.
b) Policies/Guidelines for MTPNA Sub-Committees
Laurie Moye, Trish Wagner, and Eve Sandoval will meet to develop guidelines
and policies for sub-committees within our N.A.
The next Board Meeting is Wednesday, June 19, at 6:30 pm at St. Mark’s.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm.

Respectfully Submitted –
Maggie Peterson,
Secretary, McDuffie-Twin Parks Neighborhood Association