BOARD MEETING – July 10, 2013 – 6:30 pm
St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, 431 Richmond NE

(Approved at 08.21.13 Board Meeting)
Board Members Attending: Barry Simon, Laurie Moye, Carla Kugler, Larry Seebinger, Carol, Morris, Mark Hyland, Maggie Peterson
Board Members Absent: Bill Hoch
Other Persons Attending (from sign-in sheet): Lem Powers, John Lieberdorfen, Kevin
Khovananth, Kristy Oreskovich, Carla & Scott Slezak, Gary & Karla Sampson, Barbara J.
Henson, Cindy & Joseph Pluchinotta, Lynn Coburn, Simon Ansell, Robert Evans, Linda
Ballenthin, Enid Howarth, Dorothy Wong, Anne Romig
1) The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm.

a) Hidden Park: Off-Leash Usage
Laurie reported on restricted off-leash usage in Roosevelt Park, and handed out a copy of
the City ordinance which describes the policy:
“Any person may exercise dogs with or without leash in Roosevelt Park and in other
appropriately located parks designated by the Mayor from 7:00 am to 11:00 am daily
from October 1 through March 31, and daily from 6:00 am to 10:00 am, except legal
holidays and Saturday and Sunday from April 1 through September 30. Such person
shall comply with the provisions of ~9-2-4-3, be in full control of and in close proximity
to such dogs at all times and be responsible for cleaning up all dog’s nuisances as
defined in ~9-2-4-3.”
The ordinance could also be amended to include Hidden Park.
Laurie also talked with Tony Duran, who said that the most important opinions about
restricted off-leash usage would come from those residents living around the park
perimeter. Our City Councillor, Janice Arnold-Jones, is aware of the situation and
wants to hear from everyone.
Barry also talked with Tony Duran about the process of amending the ordinance to
include Hidden Park, and was told that we need to go to our City Councilor first and
ask her to bring it before the Council. It would first go to the Finance & Government
Operations Committee, then to the entire Council. We would need to develop the
wording for the ordinance.
07.10.13 Board Meeting
Barry also read letters from people unable to attend tonight’s meeting who wanted
to express their opinion. Of the eight people who wrote to him, four were for off-leash
hours, three were against off-leash hours, and one person was for compromise.
Only two of the eight people actually lived on the park – and one of those was
against off-leash hours, while the other person was for compromise.
There was a discussion about doing a neighborhood survey about off-leash dogs.
It was agreed that three groups of people will be surveyed: 1) homeowners who reside on
the park, 2) the rest of our neighborhood association, and 3) people who reside outside
our n.a. and use the park. A group will meet to develop a survey, which will be
presented at our August Board Meeting.
b) Hidden Park: ADA Access
Laurie met with our Councilor, Janice Arnold-Jones, and was told that the consensus
is that parks that are not improved are presently all compliant, but if we add an upgrade
then the park must be made ADA-accessible. Presently, both Hidden Park and Twin
Parks are currently considered ADA-compliant.
There was discussion about developing a plan with Parks & Recreation, and doing a
separate survey to determine resident opinions about upgrading Hidden Park. Barry
recommended that we table this ADA discussion until the off-leash dog issue is
c) Minutes & Treasurer’s Report
Minutes from the June 19, 2013 Board Meeting were reviewed and unanimously
approved. Carla said that we’d had 2 new members and 1 renewal since the June
meeting, and that we have $1,357 in the bank. We currently have 115 – 117 active
d) Membership Renewal
Carla said we can either mail out flyers, as we’ve done in the past, email reminders,
or distribute leaflets. We will start this campaign in August.
e) Movie-in-the-Park Committee Report
Barry said that it was a success, with about 30 – 40 people attending, and recommended
that we do it in June next year so that weather problems are less likely. He thanked Jim
& Sylvia Krumhansl, as well as Linda Ballenthin and Mark Hyland for their help.
f) Block Representatives
Carla reported that her efforts to develop interest in the Block Representative Program on
her block were unsuccessful. She sent out letters to 19 homes, but many of those are3
07.10.13 Board Meeting
rentals, 2 are vacant, and there were only a couple of people interested in the program.
Barry will call Steve Sink to find out who our Block Representatives are.
g) National Night Out
This will be held at Twin Parks on Tuesday, August 6, and will be a dessert potluck.
Help is needed to set up and bring tables and plates. Laurie will register us with the
City and Carla will send out an email to residents.

a) Officer Appreciation Day
Officer Appreciation Day is September 9 at the S.E. Sub-station (we are in the S.E. Area
Command). After discussion, it was decided that we will contribute $100 cash toward
the event. We’ll solicit our neighborhood association members for contributions and/or
gift cards, and then the Board will make up the difference from our bank account.
The next Board Meeting is Wednesday, August 21, at 6:30 pm at St. Mark’s.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.
Respectfully Submitted –
Maggie Peterson,
Secretary, McDuffie-Twin Parks Neighborhood Association