BOARD MEETING – August 21, 2013 – 6:30 pm
St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, 431 Richmond NE

(Approved at 09.18.13 Board Meeting)
Board Members Attending: Barry Simon, Laurie Moye, Carla Kugler, Larry Seebinger, Carol Morris, Bill Hoch, Maggie Peterson
Board Members Absent: Mark Hyland
Other Persons Attending (from sign-in sheet): John Liebendorfen, Lisa Domenici, Barbara
Henson, Lem Powers, Sarah Conaway (?), John Boyd, Roberta Price, Jim & Sylvia Krumhansl, Lynn Coburn, Channing Kelly
1) The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm.

a) Hidden Park Survey
Barry read email comments about the Hidden Park draft survey (attached) regarding offleash dogs. Several people present commented that they thought questions #5 and #8
biased survey respondents against allowing off-leash dogs in the park, and suggested that
those questions either be re-written or removed from the survey. After much discussion,
Barry said that the survey working committee would have another meeting on August 24
at his house and would solicit statements from both sides (pro off-leash and anti offleash)
to present as neutral a view as possible in the survey. He noted that the survey will
definitely not be ready to post online by September.
b) District 7 Candidates
Bill noted that the Forum for District 7 candidates would be held at the Sheraton Uptown
from 7:00 – 9:00 pm on August 29. All of our neighborhood association is within
District 7 boundaries.
c) Membership Renewal
Carla said that a membership renewal letter was ready to send out, and would be sent via
email. Dues must be paid by September 18 in order to vote at the Annual Meeting.
d) National Night Out
Barry said that 15 people showed up for National Night Out on August 6. It did not
08.21.13 Board Meeting rain and everyone had a good time.
e) Officer Appreciation Day
It was noted that we decided to give $100 to this event at our July Board Meeting. Barry
will send a letter to N.A. members to see if anyone wants to donate money or gift cards.
We will make up the difference from our bank account.
f) Block Representatives
Carla will send another letter to residents on her block to see if anyone is interested in
becoming a Block Captain. There was a very limited response to her first letter last
month. Barry called Steve Sink to find out who are Block Representatives are, and
Mr. Sink did not know.

a) Annual Meeting
Our next Annual Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 18, at 6:30 pm at
St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. Anyone interested in running for the Board should
submit their name so that it can be added to the ballot.

Minutes from the July 10, 2013 Board Meeting were unanimously approved. Carla
reported that there were no new memberships or renewals in the past month, but there
were a few reimbursements – namely, $100 to be paid for the Officers’ Appreciation
Day and a $50 gift to Joran Viers from the Bernalillo County Extension Office, who
attended our Fly-A-Kite Day on April 13. There is presently $1,184.66 in our bank
It was noted that after last month’s storm, Parks & Rec. had a good response to the damage atHidden Park.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 pm.

Respectfully Submitted –
Maggie Peterson,
Secretary, McDuffie-Twin Parks Neighborhood Association