BOARD MEETING – September 18, 2013 – 6:30 pm
St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, 431 Richmond NE

(Approved at 10.15.2013 Board Meeting)
Board Members Attending: Barry Simon, Laurie Moye, Carla Kugler, Carol Morris, Maggie
Peterson, Mark Hyland, Larry Seebinger
Board Members Absent: Bill Hoch
Other Persons Attending (from sign-in sheet): John Liebendorfer, Lisa Domenici, Trish
Wagner, Kristy Oreskovich, Barbara Henson, Lem Powers, Jim Krumhansl, Sylvia Law, Lynn Coburn, Doug & Beverly Dale, Winnie DeVore, Sarah deJardin
Special Guest: Doug Lutz from the Mayor’s Office

1) The meeting was convened at 7:05 pm, immediately following the adjournment of the
2013 Annual Meeting.

a) Hidden Park Survey
Barry suggested that the Pros & Cons noted on page 3 of the survey be used to explain
the issues, & that the one-page Introduction be set aside. Laurie noted that Channing Kelly did an amazing job on the survey, and said the N.A. Board thanks her for all her work.
Trish Wagner said that her (leashed) 20-pound dog was recently bitten by a much larger
off-leash dog at Hidden Park, & her veterinary bills exceeded $500. A general discussion
followed. Barry also noted that, when ready, the survey would be on Survey Monkey. N.A.
members & friends will be emailed, and all homes within our N.A. boundaries will be
leafleted. Flyers will also be put up in Hidden Park. Trish raised a concern about the Board representing non-N.A. members, & not representing N.A. members about Hidden Park. Barry said that Hidden Park is a public city park, & John Liebendorfer noted that the N.A. does not own the park. Again, a general discussion followed. Carla made a motion to accept the survey as is, which was seconded by Mark. Barry said that once the survey was available on Survey Monkey, it would be a several month process, to allow people time to take the survey and to process the results. There will be a link on our website to the Survey Monkey. The Secretary will provide hard copies of the survey to those who request them.
b) Mini-Libraries
Barry has talked with Judith Wong of Parks & Rec., & is waiting for her to get back to
him after talking with Parks Maintenance. Barry’s found someone who will build a
mini-library for free. Perhaps material cost can be covered by a city or county
c) Minutes
Minutes from the August 21, 2013 Board Meeting were unanimously approved.

Due to a scheduling conflict, the October Board Meeting will be held on Tuesday,
October 15, instead of Wednesday. The meeting time is 6:30 pm at St. Mark’s
Episcopal Church. New officers will be elected.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 pm.

Respectfully Submitted –
Maggie Peterson,
Secretary, McDuffie-Twin Parks Neighborhood Association