This information is from Cathy Drake.
District 7 City Councilor Diane Gibson has been in contact with me regarding my letter of inquiry re detention ponding at Twin Parks. After speaking with Pat Montoya/Director of DMD (Municipal Development), Councilor Gibson believes that there will be other “options” presented at a public meeting, date to be announced, but likely not until May. She did not detail what those other options might be. I would still encourage neighbors to let COA/Councilor Gibson/Mayor Keller/Department of Municipal Development know your opinion about significant changes, especially those regarding ponding, to Twin Parks and Stay tuned for a date for Public Meeting.
The 2 official names for Twin Parks are Campo Mañana Park and Prada del Sol Park.
Mayor’s office (505) 768-3000 
Phillip Clelland (Keller’s PIO) 505-768-5353.
Councilor Gibson (505) 768-3136
Municipal Development Department
-Director Patrick Montoya 505-768-3830
-PIO Johnny Chandler 505-768-3879
City of Albuquerque Drainage Section Manager
-John MacKenzie 505-768-3965
McDuffie Twin Parks Neighborhood Association General Meeting – Wednesday March 18th – details coming soon.