September 20, 2020

Dear Councilor Gibson,

Friends of Twin Parks greatly appreciate your meeting with us by phone and in person at Twin Parks last week. It was very helpful for all to understand our concerns over Twin Parks Ponding and how to achieve resolution.

Friends of Twin Parks believes that you and Director Montoya share with us the goals of protecting Twin Parks and helping Pueblo Alto without changes to Twin Parks. Your attention to coordinating with DMD, meeting with us and your comments as well as those by Director Montoya demonstrate that fact. As we have been informed by you and Director Montoya that the project is postponed, we have an opportunity to schedule a public meeting for a time that will allow neighbors and park users to have their voices heard.

We, like you, would love a public meeting. However, after talking to many of our members and the McDuffie Twin Parks Neighborhood Association, there is overwhelming consensus that a ZOOM Public Meeting regarding ponding at Twin Parks should NOT be held at this time. Many are concerned, for a variety of reasons both technical and personal, that a ZOOM Public Meeting now will not meet the community needs nor do justice to the issues. We do understand and support the steps to collect data for documenting concerns from neighborhood citizens. We would be happy to help with that effort.

In the mean time, Friends of Twin Parks has been collecting significant information regarding alternative green solutions that we are eager to share. These ideas could create a positive and innovative resolution for Pueblo Alto and the whole city of ABQ. We would ask your help and advice in how to coordinate that effort while waiting for a safe time to hold an in person public meeting.

Best Regards,

Cathy Drake, MD, FOTP and MTPNA

Vaughn Gangwish, FOTP President

FOTP Executive Board

McDuffie Twin Parks Neighborhood Association Executive Board

Letter to Gibson Sept 2020