One of our neighbors had questions for Amy Bell, Principal Landscape Architect of Groundwork Studio.  Here are her answers.

(1) What is an “engagement process”? The City is deeply interested in the needs, desires and concerns of the residents within the Pueblo Alto, Mile Hi, and surrounding neighborhoods related to drainage issues and potential solutions. “Engagement Process” is the term we use to describe several diverse activities (walking tours, community meetings, open forum on project website etc.) through which we can engage/talk with community members to hear and document their voices. The outcomes from the engagement process will inform the City as to what potential solutions would be supported by the neighborhoods.

(2) What are “assets and opportunities” and “concern and opportunity“? “Assets” are the things the neighborhood is proud of – whether it is a physical characteristic (artwork, park, trail, landmark), a history, strong capacity/organization, or other. “Concerns” are things that are a worry (flooding, trash, etc.). Both situations can lead to “opportunities” in the sense that we can build from assets to create solutions to concerns that are realistic and relevant for a particular location and community.

(3) Who is paying Ms. Bell? Is she being paid by CABQ or ______? Groundwork Studio’s contract is with Bohannan Huston, Inc. who is contracted with the City of Albuquerque through their on-call with the Department of Municipal Developments Hydrology Division. Funding to support the project is provided by the City.