July 18, 2022
McDuffie / Twin Parks Neighborhood Association

PO Box 35097 Albuquerque, NM 87176-5097


Dear McDuffie / Twin Park Neighbors,

Just dropping you a line to celebrate all the happenings in the Neighborhood!

GET Ready: National Night Out will be Tuesday, August 2nd at the North end of McDuffie/aka Hidden Park from 6-8 pm. Music, juggling, Italian ice and LOTS of information from APD/BSCO!

Check out the beautiful new BLUE park benches in Twin Parks courtesy of CABQ Parks Department!! Enjoy a fabulous rest in the shade.

The Make a Mosaic /Kite Day in April really paved us over and took flight! Over 60 beautiful mosaic pavers were made by all our talented artists in the Neighborhood. (5 people haven’t

picked theirs up yet, contact MTPNA or Cathy Drake if looking for your paver) Not to mention all the great decorated kites that were launched into the air….and only one kite ended up in a tree. Thanks to Hope, and Gerard and Beth for scooping concrete!

Collaborating with our Pueblo Alto Neighbors has been the best!

The McDuffie/Twin Parks Neighborhood Traffic Committee has been working with Councilor Fiebelkorn and CABQ on a traffic study through our neighborhood for safer pedestrian walking and biking. Stay tuned and continue to keep us posted of concerns. Thanks Kristen, Abi and Vicky!

Crime and Safety was discussed in July, with a representative from Albuquerque Community Safety encouraging us to call 911 to request help with individuals that could be in danger, suicidal or in need of assistance. More discussions to be had with the APD Neighborhood Coordination and Neighborhood Watch, who will be present at 630 Pm on Tuesday, August 2nd at McDuffie at NNO. A plan is in the works to share a Neighborhood bi-annual crime report .

ALSO our City Councilor, Tammy Fiebelkorn has funded 100 FREE street trees through the Neighborwoods Program. The White flags you see in front yards indicate homes that have met with our Green shirt-wearing volunteers and Tree NM and agreed to water / care for trees. Only 3 trees are left with planting on August 27. Contact TreeNM: volunteer@treenm.com if interested in helping with planting or future plant give-aways. Thanks to the Team for making this possible with all the steps in the heat: Vicky, Margaret, Josh, Peter and Luis!

AND thanks to all the clever Notices from Doug and Beverly on the NA sign at Morningside and Del Sol! We need a weeding party soon!

Join us! Lots of projects to make life in the Neighborhood a little happier!

Cathy Drake, Vicky Kauffman, Carol Morris, Abi Olvera, Maggie Peterson, Mark Hyland and Kristen Oreskovich