McDuffie-Twin Parks Neighborhood Association



A Study of Stormwater Management in Albuquerque, Including a Discussion of Green Strategies

A Study of Stormwater Management in Albuquerque by William Fanning Architect │ October 15, 2020 This study is about management of stormwater runoff in Albuquerque. It began with a question: How can the City justify destroying a much-beloved, 80-year-old park,... Continue Reading →

Letter to Councilor Gibson September 2020

September 20, 2020 Dear Councilor Gibson, Friends of Twin Parks greatly appreciate your meeting with us by phone and in person at Twin Parks last week. It was very helpful for all to understand our concerns over Twin Parks Ponding... Continue Reading →


FRIENDS OF TWIN PARKS The attached document has information about Friends of Twin Parks including pictures of a model of the proposed detention pond for the upper park.  The entire document can be viewed here. Friends of Twin Parks Our... Continue Reading →

Response to Mayor Keller and Scope of Work from Bohannan Huston

This letter is a response to Mayor Keller's letter.  See previous posts for NA letter to the Mayor and his response. Response to Mayor Keller   Reposting  *** Scope of Work -- From Bohannan Huston to Kathleen Verhage (January 22,... Continue Reading →

Mayor’s Response to Twin Parks Letter and Petition

Dear FRIENDS of TWIN PARKS, A Response from the Mayor’s Office! 5/7/2020 Plan to Storm the Public Meeting, Whenever that is! Thank you for all of the Support and Signatures: https.// Please continue to Write the Mayor and Councilor... Continue Reading →

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