McDuffie-Twin Parks Mission, Goal and Objectives approved March, 2016 at the General Meeting. Edited April 25, 2016 by the Board of Directors. Download here.

Mission Statement:

McDuffie-Twin Parks Neighborhood Association aims to promote a better neighborhood and community through group action so that the quality of life in the area shall be in keeping with the social, environmental, cultural, and historic needs and interests of the residents.


McDuffie Twin Parks Neighborhood Association’s primary goals are:

  1. To sponsor cooperative planning and communication;
  2. To identify and address neighborhood issues and needs;
  3. To support financially neighborhood interests;
  4. To facilitate public education programs;
  5. To organize social activities for the neighborhood.

Objectives and Activities

For Goal 1: Cooperative Planning and Communication

  • Increase membership and participation by holding regular meetings and events, establishing task-specific committees for neighborhood projects, and communicating to the neighborhood via our website, e-mail and fliers.
  • Including but not limited to:
    • Continue efforts to complete and inform people about the median project for the NA sign, focusing or emphasizing the median’s role in traffic calming.
    • Continually update the website calendar with information consistent with the NA’s goals, including City Councilor and County Commissioner-announced meetings.
    • Continually expand and update the e-mail list of households and businesses in the neighborhood.
    • Use e-mail and fliers, as needed, to notify households and businesses in the neighborhood about meetings and activities.
    • Hold monthly Board Meetings, a General Meeting in March, and an Annual Meeting in September.
  • Establish a planning and communications committee.

 For Goal 2: Neighborhood Issues and Needs

  • Identify and raise awareness about neighborhood issues.
  • Including but not limited to:
    • Promote and support the neighborhood history project by presenting information about it through e-mails, the website, and at meetings.
    • Establish a history-project committee.
    • Work with neighbors and city officials to address issues at Hidden Park.
    • Research children’s Park at Twin parks
  • Establish an “issues and needs” committee.

For Goal 3: Support financially neighborhood interests

  • Identify needs and devise a budget plan for spending budget money or raising funds for targeted expenditures during the fiscal year that begins in January.
  • Including but not limited to:
    • Recognize our mail carrier on “ Thank a Mailman Day” in February
    • Donate as deemed fit to elementary schools serving the neighborhood.
    • Donate to SE Area Command for annual Officer Appreciation Day
  • Establish a planning committee for expenditures.

For Goal 4: Facilitate Public Education Programs

  • Identify organizations or individuals whose expertise would benefit and be of interest to the neighborhood and invite them to present at meetings and events.
  • Including but not limited to:
    • Contact the area commander and APD to have a Crime Summit at the Anuual meeting in September.
    • Invite an arborist to the September meeting to inform residents about caring for trees.
    • UNM Hospital group
    • AFD, Dog Safety, Composter, water harvesting
  • Establish an educational program committee.

For Goal 5: Organize Social Activities

  • Organize and advertise MTPNA events and activities throughout the year.
  • Including but not limited to:
    • Hold the General Meeting in March and serve pizza to encourage participation.
    • Organize and hold the Fly-a-Kite day activities –climbing wall, kite-making—in April.
    • Observe the annual National Night Out on August 2.
    • Hold our Annual Meeting in September and invite the area commander and APD to have Crime Summit as part of the meeting.
  • Establish an activities and events committee.